~ Early Reissued Classics ~

Fortune's Lady

They were natural enemies -- traitor's daughter and zealous patriot -- yet the moment he saw Cassandra Merlin at her father's graveside, Riordan knew he would never be free of her. She was the key to stopping a heinous plot against the king's life, yet he sensed she had her own secret reasons for aiding his cause... Her reputation was in shreds, yet he found himself believing she was a woman wronged. Her mission was to seduce another man, yet he burned to take her luscious body for himself. She was a ravishing temptress, a woman of mystery, yet he had not choice but to gamble his heart on... FORTUNE'S LADY

First published in 1989.



She arrived at Darkstone Manor without friends or fortune, welcomed only by the hiss of the sea in the midnight hush. Lily Trehearne had been born a lady, but now she resigned herself to a life of backbreaking drudgery, inescapable poverty... and unquestioning obedience to the lord of the manor. 

Tormented and brooding, Devon Darkwell threatened Lily's safety almost as much as he thrilled her senses. From the moment he caught her swimming nude in the moonlight, his compelling masculinity held her spellbound. But each step he took toward claiming her body brought him closer to learning the terrible secrets of her soul. In his arms she would know tempestuous passion, bitter despair, and a soaring joy that would humble them both before the power of love.

First published in 1991.

Another Eden

Beautiful, sensitive and aristocratic, Sara was tired of lying to protect brutal, grasping Ben Cochrane, tired of pretending that her life of luxury was anything but a gilded cage. And from the moment her eyes first met Alex McKie's, she knew that he saw through the tissue of lies to the desperate, yearning woman beneath. Their love was forbidden, but how could it be wrong? Only in Alex's arms could Sara taste ecstasy, and only his tender kisses could gain her entry to... Another Eden...

First published in 1992.

Sweet Everlasting

Carrie Wiggins is as shy as she is stunningly beautiful. But the devastating secret that shattered her girlhood has left her terrified of the very love she desperately longs for. Only in the wild beauty of the mountains does she feel safe from the feelings she stirs in men and the cruel mockery of Wayne's Crossing's villagers.

Handsome, aristocratic Tyler Wilkes had turned his back on social privilege and professional honors to set up a medical practice in the rural turn-of-the-century town of Wayne's Crossing, Pennsylvania. There, serving those who need him the most, he hopes to forget the bitter memories and weariness that haunt his days.

Chance brings this sophisticated doctor and this fawnlike mountain girl together. But something as strong as fate breaks through the barriers of birth and breeding, pride and fear, which have kept them apart...as each seeks to heal the other's wounds with a passion neither can deny and all the odds against them cannot defeat...

First published in 1993.

Crooked Hearts

Reuben Jones walks on the wrong side of the law -- a card shark, a master of deception, a man who long ago buried the truth of his life so deep that no one would ever find it...

Grace Russell has had to learn a few tricks herself in order to hold on to the crumbling California vineyard that is the only thing in the world she can call her own...

When Grace meets Reuben she's dressed as a pious Catholic nun; he's posing as a blind Spanish aristocrat. But he gets an eyeful when the pretty sister lifts her skirts to adjust the little silver derringer strapped to her thigh ... So begins this sexy, rollicking ride through the gambling halls and sinful streets of 1880s San Francisco, where two "crooked hearts" discover that love is the most dangerous -- and delicious -- game of all.

First published in 1994.

Outlaw in Paradise

As the owner of a saloon in Paradise, Oregon, Cady McGill is surviving in a man's world. She can't afford to let her guard down for anyone -- especially the man in black who arrives out of nowhere to arouse her suspicions ... and her senses.

He calls himself Jesse Gault -- an achingly attractive stranger with guns on his hips and a mocking smile on his lips. But Cady has seen her share of swindlers, and she knows that Gault's charms are as deceptive as his name. She dares not trust him with what is rightfully hers. Yet even as sudden gunfire blazes, desire flares in Cady's heart. Now she must fight her own deepest feelings as a man who is not what he seems awakens a tender, abiding passion that could only be the real thing ... true love.

 First published in 1997.