The Goodbye Summer

How much change can one summer bring?

If you're Caddie Winger—thirty-two years old. still living with her grandmother, and giving piano lessons to neighborhood children—one summer can make the whole world look different.

Caddie's mother died when Caddie was nine, and the child was raised by her grandmother. Now Caddie takes care of Nana. When Nana breaks her leg and insists on going into a convalescent home, Caddie is pulled out of her comfy, self-made nest. Living alone for the first time since college, she uncovers some startling truths from her past.

Jolted, she looks at the world with new eyes and begins to take charge of her future. As she makes a new best friend, takes risks she never dreamed she could, and navigates the depths and shallows of true love and devastating heartbreak, Caddie learns how to trust other people and, ultimately, how to trust herself.

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“Endearing ... spirited, pitch-perfect ... (a) redemptive romance” ~Publisher's Weekly

“Richly nuanced.” ~Publishers Weekly

“Perceptive” ~Kirkus Reviews

“A great book for the beach.” ~Kirkus Reviews

“A jewel of a book and every facet sparkles.” ~Nora Roberts

“Strong characters... an always readable story... a great book for the beach.” ~Kirkus Reviews

“[Gaffney is] a compulsively readable expert on the essence of women’s friendships, in all their fits and starts.” ~BookPage

“Gaffney writes with wit and a sharp eye for detail.” ~BookPage