Flight Lessons

Anna has studiously avoided her aunt Rose—the woman she once loved more than anyone else in the world—ever since the night Rose betrayed Anna and her mother, Rose's own fatally ill sister. In the sixteen years that have passed, Anna has built another life for herself far from her hometown on Maryland's Eastern Shore, but she can't forgive or forget.

Now another betrayal, by a faithless lover, has brought Anna back to her family's restaurant, where Rose needs her estranged niece's help—and trust—more than ever before. Determined to leave as soon as the struggling business is back on its feet and her own hurt is healed, Anna joins Rose in the kitchen of the Bella Sorella, where values clash and generations collide—and outside, where their personal live become entangled in surprising ways. Yet Anna is resolved to remain unaffected by Rose's longing to undo the past—even though her resistance could blind her to a true and unexpected love that's reaching out to grab her by the heart.

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“Family and home are among the issues Gaffney deftly probes in this often illuminating third novel. It's a simple recipe, but Gaffney adds ingredients like a master chef for a fresh and filling story.” ~People Magazine

“Delectable … Readers will savor each well-written page and root for the sympathetic, authentic characters despite their flaws … This is women's fiction at its finest.” ~Library Journal

“… a story that celebrates learning how to forget and forgive … perceptive …” ~Kirkus

“… filled with touching insights into family relationships and the way family brings out the best and worst in people …” ~Booklist

“… the affair between the Rose and the dying Theo is richly nuanced, as are all the relationships among the many women in the cast …” ~Publisher's Weekly

“… an insightful, character-driven journey from fear and anger to joy and forgiveness … Like a good Italian restaurant, Flight Lessons is inviting, warm, and satisfying.” ~The Romance Reader

“… a richly layered tale of love, both romantic and between friends.” ~Dallas Morning News

“Well-written and engaging …” ~Rocky Mountain News

“Compulsively readable and engaging. Appealing characters and an irresistible story add up to one of the summer's most appealing new books. Pure pleasure.” ~Harrisburg Patriot-News