~ Out of Print Novels ~

Sweet Treason

Exquisitely beautiful, fiery Katherine McGregor had no qualms about posing as a doxy, if the charade would strike a blow against the hated English. But her certainty turned to confusion when she was captured and confronted by the infuriating Major James Burke. Now her very life depended on her ability to convince the arrogant English officer that she was a common strumpet, not a Scottish spy. 

Skillfully, Burke uncovered her secrets, even as he aroused her senses, claiming there was just one way she could prove herself a tart. But how could she give him her yearning body, when she feared he would take her tender heart as well?

Originally published in 1989. 
Currently out of print.

Thief of Hearts

Though he was her late husband's twin brother, John Brodie was far from the perfect gentleman Nick had been. His manners were abominable, his language would make a sailor blush, and his heated glances made sheltered Anna Jourdaine burn with shame. No lady would allow the outrageous liberties Brodie took, but forced to pretend she was married to him to clear Nick's good name, Anna found herself weakening to her brother-in-law's seductive appeal. In Brodie's wildly titillating embrace Anna forgot her proper Victorian upbringing, forgot that only acting the part of a blissfully wedded wife. Caught up in deceits and desires beyond her control, she knew only that future happiness depended on learning which brother was an immoral criminal and which merely a... THEIF OF HEARTS

Originally published in 1990.
Currently out of print.

Wild at Heart

They called him "the lost man." He was beautiful, wild. Raised by wolves, without speech, without civilization. And when he was captured and locked in a room to be studied by scientists, he was treated more like an animal than a human being.

Only Sydney, daughter of a renowned anthropologist, saw beyond the wildness to the man. Something in his fierce loneliness called to her, imploring her to help him -- to save him. Fascinated, drawn by compassion and then desire, Sydney used gentleness to tame him, patience to educate him, kindness to make him her friend. And he would need a friend, for the world was not nearly so understanding, and his new life was still haunted by the mysterious tragedy of his past.

But now he wanted more from her than friendship. He wanted all of her -- her love, her heart, and her soul.

Originally published in 1997.
Currently out of print.